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Featured photo and ​some assorted quests for structuring this world



"Bad art is abundant, good art is always in demand", one of the thoughts from the abundant ultimate photo fair.



A tiny crop of the same size, just to have an idea about how a perfect expensive lens behaves

in relation with a fantastic cheap one

Both using the same 50 ISO film.


Brief like photos

If not sharp, not lack of spontaneity and a certain beauty. Pinhole cameras aren't the best choice to get detail from a non steady subject, but they are a good one to get captures of this vanishing world.



A very simple photograph brings some times a bit of inspiration.



When artists want to express how good they are in their activity they become really boring no matter how good they are.


Fibonacci's paradox

Perhaps the golden proportion is just a myth. I mean, we all know about this perfection:

Drawing Fibonacci's series from inside to outside, you get that beautiful result.

For an artist’s mind, obviously there's no much difference between 1.618..... and 1.6 if looking for some excellence in a rectangle. So, it is more than correct the assumption that "gold" is inside an 8 by 5 rectangle.

But see what happens if you draw it from outside to inside. In an 8 by 5 rectangle, draw a 5 by 5 square, then a 3 by 3, then a 2 by 2 and then ...


Then, just it doesn't work.


Photography, again

Of course photographs need to make us think, to stimulate our imagination. To be something else than the mere subject photographed, thanks to the visual properties of the medium.
Do photographs need to tell a story?, to be narrative. Or allegoric. Or poetic.
Do they need to be part of a project?, to have a preconceived intention about what they must transmit.
If that isn't again to reflexion about what photographs are, I don't actually get why is nowadays photography so focused into that. Perhaps photography fuel is already finished and photographs need to be at service of one or another discourse.
A project actually sounds very well. Maybe it's what people need to listen, maybe it's also what boosts photographers to work. But, why not getting a pen and write a lot about that. Documenting it if necessary.
Some people tell stories very well. Why then let photographs do that job? In the same manner some others are very good sociologists, politicians, psychologists or anthropologists, etcetera. Why then photographers have to take their place?
Photographers are observers of reality. Discourses, stories, ... don’t make photographs better.



Why do I shoot film. Many people try to answer the question as if that would have to be questioned. Or try to explain how advantages are more than disadvantages. Whether that’s a good exercise or not, the point is that it doesn’t usually change the readers’ mind. Film is very good because bla bla bla. The good thing is that films keep on being produced.


The square

The color square format is comfortable... Maybe reminding medium format 6x6, but the fact is that adjusting camera settings allows actually seeing that way through the viewfinder. And no need to rotate the camera looking for verticals. Composition becomes quite particular, more centered and getting rid of wings.



There is no special reason to white corners vigneting. In fact some cameras do that. Perhaps it's that..., due my very first camera actually did. And still does. Just I got used to it and I like it.


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