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A collection

May 24, 2017

Perhaps someone wants to have a look to some more of my photographs...

















One half

May 23, 2017

A half 135 film frame camera made this one. Carrying always with you it's not difficult to complete the 72 photographs.




May 11, 2017



























When the trees sleep

May 8, 2017

Some poetic words to mean it doesn't matter much what camera you use, what lens you do.



... only tired of wearing a Leica


The right point

May 3, 2017

But, no. The camera is much better than that.

Other than being a new system for me, it is in fact a very friendly camera full of virtues.

Easy to handle, if missing a slightly more refined viewfinder, it makes my delight.

No complications. Menus are easy going and you can forget about them with just some practice to concentrate only in taking good photographs.

As mentioned the electronic viewfinder is a very useful tool if making the proper use of it.

Buttons and knobs are fully ergonomic. To make of the camera an object perfectly adapted to your hands; neither too heavy nor too light. And the rubber grip gives a solid hand holding.

Many different lenses can be attached. And even just a manual focus one allows you working fast and accurately.

Digital files come out sharp and image quality is excellent. No need actually of more resolution which makes them too bulky and really out of purpose unless with the intention of making from them huge prints.

If 1/4 is a rather poor maximum automatic exposure time, the "T" selector (remembering old cameras notation) makes possible manual exposure up to 30 seconds. And the traditional "B" up to 30 minutes.

Although still for trying a few high ISO pictures.

And, yes, the battery is really longstanding.

This one is a good example full of detail and nuances. LR processed, it stands by itself.





April 27, 2017


Some extra grain gives this digital photograph an atmospheric nuance



April 20, 2017

At the end, ... a camera like any other. Able to take good photographs.

I like particularly this one. Slightly processed, it brings some sense of form and visual content



April 18, 2017






April 18, 2017

Two extreme examples of what the camera produces; original jpeg size not retouched, 40 mm lens (60 equivalent)





A couple

April 13, 2017

Finally the frame sticker removed... Let´s things work the way they are.

A couple of the first samples, not processed, just straight on from the camera



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