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January 17, 2018

Many things to tell by some about photographs. Big efforts to dissect the essence of photography.

But the only thing photographs really need to have is sense. And that has nothing to do with their pure aesthetics.


Night ride

January 14, 2018


If your photographs are not good enough...

January 11, 2018

1 Get closer to see if they improve
2 Buy another camera (that's always the ultimate reason)
3 Shoot color or black and white or vice versa
4 Change your style, in the case you have one
5 Get another girlfriend/boyfriend (using to be a great source of inspiration)
6 Visit as many countries as you can
7 Don't think thehy're bad at all, you have lots of likes wherever you place them
8 Just don't mind: photography is your passion
9 Stop worrying about what Magnum photographers say
10 Give up photography


Is photography difficult?

January 9, 2018

No. If many people with several years of experience are giving master lessons it's just a silly game.



January 8, 2018

Some photographers like deep blacks in their b&w photographs. Also some others like vivid saturated colors in theirs. Or just opposite to all that.

Though the real saturation in today photography is photography itself.

Yes, there are also tons of say books nowadays. The difference is that you need reading them.

Photography is now saturated of millions of photographs from thousands of photographers that you see and absorb straight on and completely effortless.

But not only that. Not so long ago taking photographs was a relaxing exercise between you and your environment. You could be with yourself and take your photographs. Now it is a stressing one among crowds of practitioners. It's not about pioneering. Photography is a mental activity, and the same you cannot properly read a book in a noisy place you can't enjoy taking photographs in a city plenty of photographers. Thinking of photography as a kind of race perhaps satisfy some people. But not myself.


Is an image worth 1000 words?

January 7, 2018

No, really much much many more. Some think.

But if a decent image can occupy 100 K bites, that'll be enough for a whole discourse.

Words are thus much much more effective in the current times.

This is a for free site ... images weigh, words don't.

Thanks for visiting.


A comment

January 6, 2018

The world is changing so fast that we don't realize where we're living. Yes. These last days reading about street photography here and there and noticing how far people want to go with it. Photographs have to be explained and disected and of course they have to be "moving". And all that is ok. Photographs seem to have been needing of a rationalization since always. Photographs and any other thing. Good. They have to have style and all that. Things like composition and perhaps decisive moment or some other features. And although belonging to the the visual world, they also are a part of some other one (not just the social or the documental or the world of colors or beauty, or etc). To which exactly, I don't know. But not so completely rational.