George Appletree


This page brings together some works belonging to some of the most recent projects, preceded by an introduction of a few relevant previous works. The process of photographing, editing, and the dialogue with the photographs, quite often interchanging words with them and also producing a book like result, has been a school for improving and getting deeper in photography and into my own aims in the matter. Different techniques and cameras were used, from the self made pinhole film camera to the sophisticated digital, making a wide spectrum group of photographs. Let's the samples talk to you. Thank you


After more than a quarter century taking photographs, a good word to give name to some of them, instead of photographs. Enigmatically giving name to a fishing boat, as her dinghy declares. That has become my new long term project. About the eccentric among the normal.

While adjusting colors, a world of possibilities was suddenly opened. I called them kaleidoscopes