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Featured photo and ​some assorted quests for structuring this world



Red and blue are antagonist colors, and they make a good team in this photograph composed by those powerful diagonals. Gravity makes its work and there is a sense of movement, resulting in a more dynamic square format.



Paradoxically, manipulating (old) photographs in the search of new meanings destroys its original one.


This is why

“This is why the camera seems to me, next to unassisted and weaponless consciousness, the central instrument of our time; and is why in turn I feel such rage at its misuse: which has spread so nearly universal a corruption of sight that I know of less than a dozen alive whose eyes I can trust even so much as my own.“

James Agee, Walker Evans. Let us now praise famous men



Photography is art for instance when manipulating antique photographs, as it can be deduced from an important photographic contest. Not the art of seeing though.


Color & black and white

Black & white is very useful although it doesn’t exist in the real world.


The new camera

Then, if the new camera does what you thought it had to, then you're fully satisfied. Although if it does just what it does maybe you would enjoy it best.



The magic of photography consists in making light (and all what it illuminates) passing through a tiny hole. The fact that some medieval people thought a unicorn horn is needed to make it, proves the existence of such a magic. But well, unicorns never existed.


The new camera

When you buy a new camera, what? You can make better photographs, use it in a different manner. Perhaps you think you don't need a new camera. But, when you wish a new camera, then you often end buying it. That does't mean that you need it. If you buy a new camera, then probably you would like another one next sometime. Even if you think you won't. But, if you don't really want to buy it you don't really have to. Then, you will think, I should have bought it. The same you would you shouldn't have sold that other one. But missing a camera is a silly thing. I mean you can buy another one exactly the same. And then. Then perhaps you won't like it any more.


Time flies

Rather than lifestyle the point of Leica making watches is experience. Their cameras are forever; and always were there. A kind of company statement. I’m comfortable with the brand cause I don’t need more cameras (or watches). I love its products and the fact of not owning them.



"Bad art is abundant, good art is always in demand", one of the thoughts from the abundant ultimate photo fair.


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