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Bayou 56

photographs·thoughts·and some more·for the contemporary mind


Bayou is about photographs. It is a cyclic blog for free (old posts are removed when including the new ones). Started in the beginning of 2015 it is a platform for reasoning about them, exploring my own work and express.

With University degree, George Appletree is a self taught independent photographer since the early 90's.

Some of his artworks are for sale in:

A brief story:

This blog gave its first steps at the beginning of 2015. Being a blog for free it soon filled the space with photographs. At that time 56 posts remained and my decision was calling it "blog 56".

Time later, after some hesitation, Bayou was the perfect word. Since then still that number of posts remain regularly. So, remembering its origin, that's the reason for the actual name.