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Blog posts January 2017

A suggestion

January 31, 2017


January 29, 2017

Buy your own cherries



,... oh, that was a transparency made very long time ago.


The idea

January 28, 2017

Today's photographs need an idea. So, people make them following it. Not any idea is good though. It must be a cool one.

The idea of a leek isn't cool for instance. Not even the thing itself it is. Perhaps it must fit in the chapter "ordinary things" and that sounds slightly cool perhaps. That mean…

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January 27, 2017

Perhaps we don't know the recipe to make good photographs. If any. But we know the one to make bad ones. Or, aren't they?


Neutral corner

January 26, 2017


A ball game court shows that lines and numbers at the rear wall. It's very traditional, but it becomes rather minimalist when isolating that corner. Neutral corner.


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January 24, 2017


Made with an old 6x9 camera; still not properly scanned but enchanting. I love the way those stone platforms behave one with each other in the picture. And also how under exposure erased the upper steps. The last roll, the last shot.


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The way things work

January 22, 2017

With that "sardina" ( I made a pinhole camera. And with that camera I made this photograph



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January 20, 2017

Still some mystery in what attracts us, what makes us move and why. That was made time ago on a cardboard but still it keeps on catching my sight



The eye of photography

January 18, 2017

So many words the last posts... A bunch of photographs in this one.

Reading these days from a master's interview that photographs like birds never come to you, like meaning you need to look for and hurry to capture them. Actually some of them come, otherwise we wouldn't know they exist.

... We…

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The ghost building

January 16, 2017

It was the first day of the year. Having moved to spend some days out, I was invited to take some photographs in a particular place. Strange really, but interestingly abandoned since years ago.

Everything was demolished there. Walls opened down, window glasses everywhere, lockers fallen on floors…

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Automatic writing

January 16, 2017

Not so keen in having read all those manifests of the beginning of surrealism... but understanding what that means: leaving the mind free for writing straight on whatever comes to your mind. No reflexion.

At that times there were no computers. And perhaps they are the ones to do that task better.

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January 14, 2017

Written long time ago, never attempted a translation. It was inspired in some photographs, like that one now included. Enjoy.


Visitar el zoo es algo que ya no se lleva. Eso se hacía cuando los animales estaban lejos de verdad. Ahora el animal más pintado pilla a unas cuantas horas de a…

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My best cameras of all times

January 13, 2017

Yes. Owning now several cameras, but having in mind some others which helped me to keep on going into photography. Each of them with particular features that one can only now remembering.

Now, when film seemed gone for ever but actually never will, having a mental look at those cameras makes some s…

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January 12, 2017

For many, or rather for all, digital times were a new time.

Everything before had to be forgotten. A new vocabulary made of pixels came to replace the old one.

When technology really jumped into the possible. When image was quite resolute and many cameras were offered, everybody jumped into the p…

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January 9, 2017

Once upon a time visiting the Rothko chapel.

It's a place with several Rothko paintings on its walls. Only that.

A kind of temple for art lovers or perhaps for zen believers. Huge black artworks that artist made were placed there.

The entrance has a small artificial lake at a city garden. A…

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Floating leaves

January 7, 2017

Things of photography. Or how a free falling can become a gentle floating



I've been told my photographs are expensive. Telling this because having included my online gallery in the front page.

So, perhaps that needs an explanation.

My photographs for sale have been chosen among …

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Rag citizen

January 4, 2017

Ok. Let's start the year in the proper way.

For that never take someone for a towel.

Or vice versa.


A haiku

January 1, 2017

Twelve hours have a clock

Turn and turn to start again

This is a new year


Many photographs these days.

Film photographs. Waiting to be developed. To take their own time to be away of these days hurries. To be themselves. Far from the phone pics trying to instantly mean something. Not eve…

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